My iPhone had a crack on the digitizer, but it never affected the functionality of the phone.  One day I had a software issue with the phone where the phone would automatically shut down. It wasn’t the first time that it did that, so I was concerned about the longevity of my phone.  And I still had 40 days left on my Apple warranty.  So I made a mistake #1.  I thought if I can get the digitizer replaced by a third party I can bring my phone to Apple and ask them to replace the phone because of the software issues.  I knew that if Apple saw the crack, they might attribute the negligence to the malfunction of the phone and not help me out.  So this is where this crook comes in (mistake #2).  I told him the situation, big mistake #3!! My guess is that he thought that if Apple was going to give me a new phone, I won’t need this LCD!!!!  He stole my original LCD and replaced it with a noticeably crappy LCD, horrible picture.  I brought it to Apple and the first thing they said was, “was the screen replaced?”, which I answered truthfully and subsequently that negated any warranty that I had remaining with Apple.  I asked Apple why the screen is so blurry, does that have to do with the software. She said no, and said that there is something wrong with my LCD.  Let me make one thing clear.  There was NEVER a problem with my LCD, the graphics were always crystal clear.  What I have now is a blurry screen and it flickers!!  Come on, if you own something that you use every day and all of a sudden something is not right about it, YOU KNOW!!!!  I know that this was NOT my original LCD.  I came back to confront this scoundrel and we went back and forth and the only thing I remembered him saying over and over was “PROVE IT”.  I subsequently called the police and they arrived and did a police report.  The next step for me is to take this crook to court to get my money back and hopefully charge him criminally for fraud and theft.  I am not done with you, you thief!!